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Factory’s history

December 14 1912 – The Portland Cement Konstantinovka Anonymous Society is established;

January 1 1913 – The Portland Cement Konstantinovka Anonymous Society is renamed to Pushka and started its operations in Russia. To that date 200 000 barrels of cement have been dispatched to customers.;

December 14 1914 – The Granulit Cement Factories Joint-Stock Company has been established;

March 1915-го года – Granulit cement and brick production factories are commissioned;

1916 –Granulit factory produces 10 000 barrels of cement and 800 000 bricks per month;

January 1920 – cement factories are nationalized.Pushka factory is now named Factory №1, while Granulit - №2;

1929 – The slates production shop of the Kramatorsk cement factory is commissioned. 1,5 mln. pcs of standard slates have been produced the same year;

July 1930 – The slate production shop is reorganized into separate entity – asbestos slate factory;

December 1930 – 11 mln. pcs of standard slates are produced;

1932 – slate factory purchases the second production line with capacity of 18mln. eternite slates per year;

1939 – The factory has the third production line installed. The capacity has risen to 51 mln. standard slates per year;

October 10-12 1941– the factory’s equipment is dismantled and evacuated to Dushanbe due to German invasion;

June 13-25 1944– the first and the second production lines are restored, the first slates are produced;

March 1945 –Kramatorsk slate and cement factories are awarded the Banner of State Defense Committee as the winners of the All Soviet Union competition;

1955 – Two cement silos each with capacity of 1000 tons are commissioned;

1964 – The slate production shop №2 with four production lines СМ-898 with capacity of 124 mln. standard slates is commissioned;

1967 – Film painting technology for slates is developed and introduced on the factory. Later it becomes widespread at asbestos-cement factories throughout USSR;

1968 – The production of slates has picked to195 mln. standard slates;

1969 –– The slate production shop №3 with three production lines СМ-1155 manufacturing large slates СВ-40 with production capacity of 90 mln. standard slates is commissioned. The Civil Worker Newspaper informed that Kramatorst slate factory was the first in Ukraine to start production of asbestos-cement roofing slates of the size 1750х1130 mm.

1971 – 81 mln. standard slates СВ-40 are produced;

1972 – Cement and slate factories are merged into one factory – Cement-Slate Industrial Complex;

1981– Slate production has been automated;

January 4 1995 – Kramatorsk Cement-Slate Industrial Complex is reorganized into “KCSIC – Pushka” open joint stock company;

1996 – New electro-acoustic cement silos level measurement system is commissioned. The factory introduces the technology of the 3-D slate painting, starts drywall and flat asbestos-cement slate production;

February 9 2004 – As the result of reorganization Kramatorsk Slate Limited Liability Company has been singled out of “KCSIC – Pushka”.




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